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>> i like dr horton. housing stocks are strong . margins are expanding and 25 percent over the next six monthings. >> adam, like the housing sphox rallied for a long time. >> i completely gray. i don't know if horton is the champion and i think housing is moving in the right direction and i would look for a broader way to play like. >> and what stock do you like. >> berkshire is a company and basically is it a broadway to play the market and extremely inexpensive. >> it is it a champion and some think it is getting long in the tooth. nthis guy warren buffet will live forever. his stock is a miracle of human endevor and i love it to death. love it and love him. >> good to know that you like it a bit. >> spy. i have been so happy about the
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index picks and i continue to love them and i hope to win and carry it off and saints go marching in my son will keep it, too. >> gary, you like the stock also? >> yes, as long as central bankings are printing trillions a year markets love it it is terrific. >> speaking of love. dave is next on forbes on fox. here's dave. pushing too many kids to go to college? a new report showing half of all worker a four year college diploma have a job that doesn't require a college degree. it is it a explosion in government subsidies to blame. i am dave asbin. welcome to forbes on fox. we'll go in focus with rick
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and john and elizabeth and steve; steve, are government subsidies a bad thing? >> absolutely, dave. it turned a catapult of college in an albatross. tuition is four times therate of inflation balse of subsidies and making killeds indentured -- kids indentured services. it is horrible. >> they come out of college with huge debts and can't get a job with a college degree. >> there is it a lot of things to be concerned about. i have to tell you, i find the question profoundly troubling. it leads to one answer. that is to say if you don't have money in the country, you shouldn't b able to go to college. how do you go to college if you don't have money? subsidies make money available for deserving killeds to go -- kids to go to school.
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>> if you can't get a job and end up with 20 or 30 or 40 thousand or more is it worth it? >> that is the same question that human resources departments are asked. do we want more experience in the workplace or blue-chip pen that is overpriced. this is it circular problem. government subsidies means and universities hire more administrative staff. they outpace the faculties by 10 timings. when you have that bloat you have to say who pays for it it is college tuition and the middle class family in mirk. - america. >> it is it us the taxpayer. delingquency arrests are at 11 percent. hundreds of billions and the taxpayer gets saddled with that. >> subsidies are bad and they
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will raise the cost of tuition and hurt the economy in the future. to pay tax increases are come more debt issue to pay for these compts that. is not why these kids can't get jobs today. the economy is terrible. it shrank. it is it growing the normal four or five percent and many of the graduates would have jobbings. >> and rich, the fact is, we are subsidizing. we are subsidizing the college degrees that often don't amount to good jobs. >> yeah, it is it unfortunate. we reached the point where technology changed the whole game in a way we are beginning to realize. on line universities and couple of them started by two stanford professors and world class education for free or near free . what are employers looking for? intelligence and drive and discipline .
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it used to be a college degree stood for those things and now they have faster and better ways to determine whether they want to hire someone. >> john, billions of dollars in government stub sidies for llege education are worthless? >> they are worthless and i a not going to defend them but what botherings me is it a notionful a job that requires a college degree. i don't care if you want to be an investment banking analyst, there is nothing you learned in the four years that has nothing to do with the job you will eventually do . the idea that college is going to make us better or worse, jobbings are not plentiful because government is getting in the way of. >> emac a lot of the plumber jobs don't require college. but associates degrease pay more than the college jobbings. >> yes, a trade pays more. you can see it in the nuclear
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medicine technology. >> these are associate degrees and don't require full four years. >> and should your child learn a trade instead. that is what is going on in finland and sweden. what bothers me is what families are paying for. you can write policiless and not hit anybody. what are the administrators doing? >> financial aid increased 438 percent since i went to college anyway and that is it adjusting for inflation. according to emac it lead toz burr - burrcratic bloat. >> college would cost less and kids would be taking on loans and service . instid uncle sam is making
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loans easier to get than pizza and kippeds end up with $50,000 and $100,000 in debt. >> rick, i know you want everyone to have college degrease, but what thyself lead to is college bloat. you are not in favor of that. >> here's the problem. you are mix being the questions with the answers. >> we think they are connected. >> i went to the ohio state university. thank you. you are right when you say too many kids going to college that would do better in trade school. but say we shouldn't make subsidies available to people who belong in college that's a problem. >> mike, there is it a connection with the billions of dollars. we are not talking small change. but it could bankrupt the nation or states. there is it a connection with the subsud -- subsidies and
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bloat. >> the subsidies raise the cost. it doesn't matter if it is it housing or ethnoil. it makes it less affordable and that's why you have all of the debt. that makings it - makes it harder for the graduates to center a gadgood standard have had living. >> rich, up are saying, because of the nieto universities that could be the solution and next step and answer we can all agree on, correct? >> i invite our vuper to go to udasity.comand stee what is available for free. i am not saying it is worthless, but we are certainly paying too much and leading a lot of kids down a primrose path and promising stuff we can't deliver. employers want intelligence
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and drive and willingness to learn. that's what they are looking for today. >> if you want the knowledge instead of the pres tig of the degree. you can get it with a thousand thanks to the nieto. >> john, y are talking about free market solution. is this a solution to the 100 billion problem. >> it is free market but this is not what parents and kids are baying. thape are buying a credential and presume that nieto revolutionizes college education is nol valid. getting to rick's point. he wants lower tuition and wants college education to be available. best way to do that get government subsidies out there. and prices will fall like they have done for prevously hard to get goods. >> and the nation's labor
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boopered position are illegal and why are they getting six figure salaries on your dime. is it time to cut them off.
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turkey. back to forbes on fox. >> unconstitutional and still collecting a paycheck. despite the judge ruling that labor board recess appointments were unconstitutional. board members get paid more
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than 150,000 a year on your taxpayer gop senators are pushing to cut off the pay. rich? >> it is tough medicine for sure and fell sorry for the appointees who based their lives around the salaryings. but the key word is it unconstitutional. the supreme court will probably look at ts and if they reverse the lower courts ruling and reinstall people and their salaries. we have to draw a law in the stand about the unconstitutionalit i. >> unconstitutional is it the word that report used. you can't go against the law. nlet me tell you what is likely to be unconstitutional. it is it likely to be a -- you can't targ e. a. >> a bill of attaineder. congress can't target
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individuals and take away their salary or whatever. they have it going on right now. republicans are on the right side of this and doing everything possible to screw it up. if they wanted to do something here, they should ask them to post a bond. that's how litigation workings. >> steve, is that the way. >> posting a bond might as well take awape their salary . this is a salary and collect it no more . what is worse is it continuing to make rules and act like hugo chavez of venezuela and the rulings should be null and void, come on now. >> morgan where do you stand now. >> i am nolt for or against it it is it premature to bring it forward to dock people's pay. this is it appealed right now and to be fair flies in the face of the presidents
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established by are the courts. as long as president obama has them working they should get paid for the work. >> but the courts have the final say, not the president, correct? >> that is separation . power. we are missing the bigger problem here in that the federal government does too much. there is it no incent itch for president obama to recess appoint and no incentive for republicans to block them if we didn't have the federal governmenting itself in what is employee. >> and i think the pay should be cut. this is the nlrb and federal workers are unionized my god. republicans are angry they are treated as voting memberings.
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recess appointments were unconstitutional . this is not washington d.c. drict of caracus. it is unconstitutional and they don't get paid. >> rich, the idea used to be that we were a voluntarily government and what the founteding fathers had in mind. this is it a board. this is not something that is supposed to be a paid position to begin with is it? >> yes, and consistency in the president's administration. you have all of the czars in the first administration that behaved outside of the system, too. but let me point out that president obama's judgment on want appointments and jack lew as treasury secretary . they are bad. >> you said something earlier that you said. republicans on the right side but going about it the wrong way.
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>> you live by the sword and you die by the sword. harry reid started this. >> starsted what? >> thatismerary -- tempory process. it is the risk they run when they play these kinds of gamings. >> not a usual position for rick. now to eric with what is coming up on cashin? >> wait until you hear the new excuse for spending taking hold in washington. cash in is on in the bottom of the hour. >> first on forbes. did you ever want to know what your coworkers make? many companies are clicking and letting you find out. some on the forbes' group are saying show me the
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>> private sector salaries not so private. growing number of companies are releasing how much employees are making. co-workers say it is too much information and morgan, you say no problem, explain. >> it is great for business whether it workings or not and represents innovation in the workplace it is good as far as the as a result quality of pay and we have elements of this in the workplace. they have to disclose their
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salaries and see it with publicly traileded companies that disclose their. i don't think it is it a new idea. >> mike, is it good? >> i hate collectivism. go talk to your boss or competitor. find out what you are really worth. >> rick, for or against it. >> i don't think you would call the 49ers and baltimore ravens. or whome foods collectivist. i agree with brennan. some companies should try it and i wouldn't want to work for a company like that. but experimentation is what capitalism is. >> rick why are you against it? >> i will if you tell all of us your salary. >> i can't. in my contract i can't do
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that. and that's why everyone should have a contract. >> disclosing your stalry and bonus is stupid and it is no body's business. no, no, no. >> steve, i have a tendency to follow rick's line. >> he occasionally gets it right. law of averagings. in termless of releasing salaries and what your boss says about it loses face and that is between you and your boss. if you don't like that company try a competitor. >> rich, some people in congress are pushing an act to make it law. they call it the pay cheng - paycheck fairness. when i see fairness. i run for the hills and check my wallet. >> you should . that's where i really draw a line. if companies want to experiment with different
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business models and man date that for everybody is totalitarian. >> it may be good experiment but should it be a law that you are required to do this? >> no, i don't think it should be. but it could foster competition amongst the workers. >> rich. i would like to see the teams disclose that. >> and yeah, yeah. before that, rich. >> and that' why we depend on micka. he has the numbers. >> it is it interesting that we are for transparency in a lot of things and it is going to be hard to keep all of the numbers private with all of the sources of information going now. >> it doesn't mean you throw it all away and have a reality show in everybody's life. if you want a high position of responsibility and politicings, you know the rules of the game. volunteer for it, fine. but not a requirement.
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>> rick, with the nieto - internit is it going to come out. >> who is it an officer of a public company there is so many ways not to disclose how much you are earning. it is not anybody's business. >> i gray with you on but morgan, with all of the information technology is it coming out? >> i do think so. it will happen on the wall street bonus and there is an app to prepare them. >> parent of progi am nomit in favor of. >> coming up. the big money is not on the teams but the ads. superbowl commercials that can bring you super profits coming right up.
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